I returned to London thanksgiving this year for a shopping weekend after one decade of not getting my feet on the island. Well, there seriously was some other business and trips so what a pity I could not make it back there earlier.  Nevertheless I was really excited and was looking forward to exploring the city. Unfortunately I catched a heavy flew and even took a nap at the airport before entering the plane – it was just a mess.

I really adore this city. It is inspiring and an overcrowded place of all kinds of people you just can’t imagine.

Wearing one of my favorite ensembles, the faux leather skirt and Blouse. Comfy but stylish anyway.

Looking ill…😞

Skirt: Made-to-measure (Based on Burda 7576 sewing pattern)
Blouse: Montego
Undergarment: What Katie Did (Corset & Stockings and Suspender Belt)
Shoes: Tamaris



What Katie Did

svs_wkd3What Katie Did‘ – I actually love this brand as they are more or less the only ones to deliver real vintage underwear. But: In the UK, ordering from continental Europe always means ‘overseas shipping’ (Better watch out and know your size to avoid returns!) which means any discount offered will be redirected to the mail office directly. No cheap offers. Sadly. Well, I recently suffered from this shipping-shopping and so getting to London was the one and only opportunity to look for What Katie Did and try on their latest vintage underwear. That was why I paid a visit to their store. Of course there were plenty other reasons to get there as well…

The Boutique itself is a tiny (really!) but cosy little shop right under the motorway located in a small shopping mall/arcades at 281 Portobello Road . You can access it from the north coming from tube station Ladbroke Grove after passing a street market full of jamaican rastafarian souveniers. Cheeky.


Their shop is a paradise from the first moment you open the door. Sit down and enjoy the stylish products, try on some of them or just get into a chat with their staff. But: Better forget your cash at home – shopping the whole range of products can make you poor easily. Puuuuuuh, at least ‘Brexit’ brought a nice exchange rate to foreign currencies…


Got new full fashioned stockings  and a suspender belt there. Sadly their bra sizing ends with bust size 38 which is OK with stretching fabric but not for stiff, inflexible undergarments (Okay, their Bullet Bra series goes up in size to be honest)


Did you know that only three machines are still existing worldwide to produce
fully fashioned stockings?


Check them out once you make it to London!


Ahhh, by the way: Merry Christmas to all of you!



Green Park


Attending the famous “Wave-Gotik-Treffen” in Leipzig (GER) a few years ago and wearing an awesome costume combination with matching blouse, bolero, long skirt, corset and lots of accessories like my shoal black fascinator and Gemme-style earrings. Love the look!


WGT Snapshot by Gerald Naber (nowayout.at)

Url: http://nowayout.at/html/img/pool/wgt_freitag_(c)geraldnaber_033.jpg
Photo: by Gerald Naber from nowayout.at
Location: Leipzig


Tamaris Winter Boots

Brrrr… it is getting freezin’ cold these days. Nothing better to own than warm shoes to slack over the Christmas market. Got new boots from german brand TAMARIS (Model 25029 – grab yours here). They don’t look so comfy but they really are! Combined them with KUNERT mustard opaque tights and a navy blue dress.





Polka Dots

Inspired by my favourite band members Lady Lila and Frl.Venus from legendary “Welle:Erdball”, a german minimal electro formation, I ordered this dress from Amazon and combined it with matching underwear and accessories from over the years. The petticoat is just a cheap synthetic fibre one I found on eBay. Need to replace it soon… DO you like my flattered dress styling?


Dress: Black Butterfly ‘IRIS’
Shoes: Tamaris Evita Pumps Red
Petticoat: Ebay
Tights: Wolford Sheer 15