Introducing Spring’18


With this amazing suit let’s welcome 2018s spring season (OK, it’s still winter in Europe so this is more a vision and inspiration for you…) – finally the weather will allow classic wear like this and I am looking forward to go back to stockings and classic Ladys wear once the temperatures will hit the 15°C/60°F.


Pairing heartmyclosets vintage styled skirtsuit in apple green

PoiLei T-Strap Pumps, WhatKatieDid fully fashioned stockings and classic dark gloves and hat for a true styling experience…

Brooch: Vintage flea market bargain


Tulip Spring stroll

Those were the fifties!


Once upon a time girls dressed up nicely and were adequately styled as ‘perfect wives’ in a period of technological growth and discovery. As washing machines became popular and after the war it was time to express a new self-assurance to the world nowadays it is hard to catch up with all the restraints and limitations they had in that time – thank god we live in the modern age. But when it comes to style it is no secret to tell that the feminine line on dresses, tiny waists and hourglass shapes belongs to their (re-) inventions – So here is my celebration to this…

For my spring stroll I am wearing this beautiful skirt suit from heart my closet that truly is a blandishing piece you need to admit. I choose terrific brown as most fabrics from the fifties were still dominated by conservative colors like grey, brown or navy (Maybe my next dress will come in a more intense cloth…)


As the 2017 spring again is more like a rampant weather situation in Europe I decided to pose at the botanical garden – For any rain shower you can elude into the conservatory and smell all those teasing flowers

Underwear: What Katie Did
Gloves, Hat: Reproduction of faux leather and felt / Internet
Shoes: PoiLei
Jewellery: pearl earrings from a holiday in Thailand



Roses in black

This outfit is a special made-to-measure combination for the true elegance I want to bring out for an upcoming event in summer.

Tomto Berlin did the overbust corset and it really points out my shape so well.

The skirt was made of the same fabric by @ibolyazsolyomi.

Sometimes, you must grant yourself some rewards – this outfit truly is what I needed after a certain period of suffering daily life. Really looking forward to wear it when celebrating an undisclosed anniversary with my family and friends this July.






Dovima Style

Today’s outfit is my new favourite ensemble for the upcoming spring season: A classic 1950s outfit inspired by timeless stars like Dovima using a midi length pencilskirt and buttoned hip jacket.  In a strict #liliann style this is a made to measure skirtsuit with jacket, bowblouse and skirt. I combine it with my ted&muffy classic black ‚Tango‘ pumps, a vintage inspired turban and @whatkatiediduk seamed stockings. It was tailored to my corsetted figure – puhhh it’s tight in the waist but nonetheless comfortable with full stretch lining material. Needless to say I wore matching undergarment for the total vintage completion.

This skirtsuit was completely made by honourable tailor Ibolya Steinhauser using Burda sewing patterns no. 6840 and 7248. Thank you very much for this outfit, we will come back to you with more craftsmanship soon…
Dovima and all the other starlets from the Fifties are kept as a heritage on the vintage vogue website – there you can find adorable outfits – So make sure you check out myvintagevogue.com for the original ads with Dovima and see the fascinating styling of the fifties.
Unfortunately is was storming outside so our photoshoot ended well before it started…


Here’s another view from the back on my new outfit:


And here you have some details of the outfit!




Animal Print meets NYE

See how an animal print outfit meets new years evening – Waving farewell to 2016 and welcome 2017 – Roaring like a wildcat is the feral side of life!

Leo-print or Animal print can be really silly or looking like cheapest styling but when combined in a strict manner and not overwhelming your style it can be a great match.

svs_dare2wear_2Ladies, go search for your animal print shirts and re-style them in a new combination.

Wearing a classy combination of a midi-length dark grey pencil skirt and flattering light semi-transparent animal print blouse for the NYE party.

Underwear is a matching lingerie set from Secrets in Lace. Classic bullet bra style mixed up with a modern thong means a tricky styling and will tease anyone affected…

Blouse: Secrets in Lace “Gina”
Skirt: Collectif Miranda Herringbone
Corset: What Katie Did
Stockings: What Katie Did Fully Fashioned Stockings Cuban Heel
Matching Bra, Thong and Suspender Belt: Secrets in Lace
Shoes: Zara
Accessoires: Various Bijouterie

Let’s wiggle: Wiggle**Wiggle**Wiggle


Sweet temptation

Every christmas saison seems to be the same hard period not being allowed to try all that sweet stuff produced by the food industry. Especially when it comes to sweets and chocolate I really have to show my bravery.

So, todays blog is about my recent tries to get some pralines done for the whole family&friends tour that will come over the bank holidays. Here’s my six pralines: It’s made with various chelate, vanilla, orange, nougat, coffee and some advocaat…*Hicks*




‘ Took almost ten hours of work to finish this batch of sweets. In total it is approx. 350 chocs filled up in 26 bags, sealed and with matching printed key.


It’s christmas time


svs_christmastreeIf you are still unsure what to wear for christmas, here’s my recommendation.

Rachel, who is the dress’ eponymist, from chicagochicblog.blogspot.com is truly a vintage supermodel. Not only does she model the greatest styles, she even sells her own collection. As a spin-off, Voodoo Vixen offers a special product line named after her. Coming in a dark green and black checkered pattern and being offered a pleated skirt, a flattered and a wiggle pencil dress it is just a sensational design.

Also famous style blogger retrocat.de copied that look and you can find a review at unique-vintage.com as well as with furthermore hotties.

For a curvy, classy lady like me it is not so easy to find a matching dress but I managed to grab one in Size 18 and the fit is perfect! Often dresses are too slim in normal sizing but if you go for the bigger “curvy/x-large” sizes it looks like wearing a tent! Something in the middle would be the best. That fit is really interesting as the matching skirt I ordered with it did not fit and had to be returned.

The price is sensational and the quality pretty OK. Order yours e.g. here.